Favorite Ham Radio and Electronics links:

Whiterook Products / Electronics USA

Whiterook Products Company is a manufacturer of neat, inexpensive ham radio accessories and kits. Whiterook Products sells two assembled keyer/paddle combinations (the MK-88 and MK-99) using the Island Keyer chip. One of their most popular items is the MK-44 iambic paddle which is perfect for use with any keyer (including the PK-3). John Roblin, WA6KYO, is the proprietor and collector of Tuna Tin 2 pictures - his email address is: wpc@west.net

American QRP Club

The American QRP Club was new (2003) and was formed from a merger of the Norcal and NJQRP clubs. It was a terrific operation which isn't active now.

QRP Amateur Radio Club, International

QRP ARCI is another very active group of worldwide QRP ham radio operators. They publish the very useful magazine, QRP Quarterly (there is a sample issue on their site).

Dan's Small Parts and Kits

Dan's Small Parts and Kits is a great source for inexpensive and hard to find electronic components for ham radio construction projects.

a primer on ham radio and Emergency Communications

This link was suggested by Carla and her daughter, Willow. Thank you for the link !


CWMIDI is a DOS program used to create Morse code midi sound card sequences. Rob L. Dey, KA2BEO, is the author of this nifty program and he also has a Win 9x version on his site.