The Island Memory kit was discontinued in 2/2002.

Islemem.txt - information file on the Island Memory

Jackson Harbor Press is happy to release our third kit:

The Island Memory

This kit is in stock - price is $17.95 plus $2 shipping (in USA)

The Island Memory is a memory keying unit that can be added to many
of the popular morse code keyers used today. It connects to your
compatible keyer via 5 wires: power, ground, keyer output,
dit and dah paddles. The Island Memory board has a Motorola microcontroller
that controls a seperate Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
(EEPROM). It keys your keyer the way you do, it actuates the dit or dah input
of the keyer and then "listens" for the keyer output. The Island Memory
records messages as you send them with your keyer.

It offers:

4 memories of 60 characters each
manual pausing
embedded pauses
small size ( circuit board is 1.5 x 1.5 inches)
real time recording (what you key is what you record)
low power (5 ua standby, 3 ma active current at 5V)
non-volatile EEPROM storage of messages

What you get:

Circuit board, double sided, plated through holes
programmed Motorola MC68HC705J1A microcontroller
93LC66 4k EEPROM
8 and 20 pin DIP sockets
ceramic resonator
9 bypass and decoupling capacitors

What you'll need / may want to add:

4 momentary, normally open switches
2 LEDs
2 resistors
1 3 pin header with 2 pin select jumper

The Island Memory has been used successfully with the following
keyer chips:

Accu Keyer (74HC chips)
Atomic Keyer (AK-1) from Embedded Research
C1S from Radio Adventures
8044 from Curtis Electro Devices
Island Keyer from Jackson Harbor Press
TiCK-1 from Embedded Research

Note that the Island Memory is compatible with any keyer that has
the following features:

1) Supply voltage of the keyer chips is in the 3 to 6 volt range
2) Dits and dahs are generated by a switch closure to ground
3) Keyer chip outputs a positive voltage (digital 1) when sending a dit or dah

Also note that the Island Memory does NOTHING standalone. You need to
connect it to a compatible keyer for it to record and send morse
code messages.

Why (the hardest question) the Island Memory?

You probably already have a keyer. It's in a box, you are used to it and
like the way it keys. The problem: no memory functions OR maybe it has
memory but you want more memory capacity. The Island Memory allows you
to add memory keying to your keyer for less than $20.

The Island Memory is available directly from Jackson Harbor Press or from:

Ordering instructions:

price is $17.95
shipping in USA, $2

total for 1 Island Memory: $19.95

(DXers: please inquire to for shipping rates outside the USA).

Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax.

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Thanks for your interest.