Some general notes on Jackson Harbor Press ham radio kits:

Objective: to sell inexpensive kits that provide real value for ham radio operators.

what's included:

The kits from Jackson Harbor Press include a circuit board, any REQUIRED circuit board mounted components (some optional items may NOT be included). The circuit boards are double sided fiberglass with plated through holes. The circuit boards may or may NOT have a solder mask or silk screened parts legend.

what's NOT included:

The builder will usually need to procure other items to complete the kit including an enclosure, mounting hardware, switches and controls (potentiometers), power and control jacks (and plugs), wire and solder. The kit builder can employ creativity in packaging the kit, choosing enclosures and controls rather than having to pay extra for our choices. Generally, instructions/schematics/diagrams are NOT included, they should be downloaded in .pdf format and printed out by the builder.

shipping method:

All kits are sent first class U.S. Mail.