1940 Census records for the Vic and Sade gang

click the thumbnail picture to see a larger version (each about 2 megabytes in size)

last updated February 11, 2021 by Chuck Olson

The US Archives has digitized the entirety of the 1940 Census of the United States. The interesting thing is that this is probably the best census for old time radio fans since the 1950 Census (digitization due to be released April 2022) is probably past the peak of old time radio while the 1930 census really predates the "golden age" of radio. BTW, I usually start searching the 1940 Census here at FamilySearch dot org - it's astonishing how well the search works when you see the hand written forms.

The forms provide a lot of information about each person including their age, family members at the same address, occupation, income (note that $5000 per year in 1940 is the equivalent of $94,000 in 2021), birthplace and so on.

Here is a previous page on the 1940 Census and OTR focusing on Jack Benny.