5/8/2014 - DISCONTINUED - DC Beeper kit


if you would be interested in a buying a partial parts kit

The DC Beeper was a Morse code voltmeter / battery saver / DC switch kit. It offers:
[DC Beeper kit picture - 
click for larger version]

  • reads the supply voltage in Morse code, 20 mV resolution
  • code speed can be varied from 5 to 35 wpm in ARRL steps
  • use with supply / battery from 4 to 15 volts
  • battery saver: automatically shuts off power when voltage falls below a trip voltage
  • also, a timer can shut off power to a load at 10, 20, 30, 60 or 120 minutes
  • the load can also be switched manually
  • low power usage, normally micro-amps
  • all board mounted parts included, just add a piezo speaker, switch and your favorite battery connectors to complete the kit

  • For more details, please download the DC Beeper manual, the schematic and the hookup diagram in Adobe Acrobat format.

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    Downloadable files for DC Beeper

    The Acrobat files of complex diagrams (like the schematic) may not view well on your computer screen - suggestion: use the magnifier to zoom in for better detail or print out the file.

    dcbeep2m.pdf (23k) - an Acrobat file of the DC Beeper manual

    dcbeep2.pdf (40k) - an Acrobat file of the DC Beeper Schematic diagram

    dcbeephu.pdf (24k) - an Acrobat file of the DC Beeper Hookup diagram

    dcbeeper.jpg (58k) - a JPEG picture of the DC Beeper kit

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