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Other books from Jackson Harbor Press:

[thumbnail picture of Blacklock family crest] September 2018 - Cooking with the Blacklocks - free ebook !

Washington Island books from Jackson Harbor Press:

[thumbnail picture of lighthouse beam] July 2016 - Rock Island Rock Island SOLD OUT

[cover picture of lighthouse] May 2014 - Rock Island Guidebook - Rock Island Guidebook SOLD OUT

[cover picture of scout] March 2013 - The Boy Scouts of the Air on the Great Lakes free ebook!

[cover picture of cloud] June 2012 - Door County's Islands SOLD OUT

[cover picture of sailboat] November 2009 - North of Death's Door

[cover aerial picture of maze] May 2007 - Perspectives of an Island Citizen

[cover lighthouse at night] February 2002 - Murder at the Pottawatomie Light

[picture of child's face] November 2001 - sound aloud w/Austin & Carla and the Sound Twins

[carving picture] August 1999 - VALHALLA in America: Norse Myths in Wood ...

[picture - heroine] June 1999 - The Islanders: the first novel from Jackson Harbor Press

[picture - bike sign] Cyclists! Check out: Cyclists Guide to Washington Island

[Picture - Island sign] Tourists! Check out: Washington Island Guidebook

[Sailboat drawing] Poetry Fans! Check out: Island Verse

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