Island Verse: Poems relating to Washington Island

                                  Some comments on Island Verse:

The book takes readers through an Island Year, starting with the lament ‘Oh Spring, be swift, come soon!’ The annual Robert Burns dinner is a welcome break and soon March gives promise of warmer days. Some of Olson’s best poems are short, for example: ‘Lone loon/ Swimming slowly/ Searching for his loon mate/ Crying over choppy waters/ Lonely.’ There’s a harbor scene and a paean to sticky July. Olson even finds material in summer sniffles.”
-Door County Advocate

At first glance, Bill Olson’s newest book gives pleasure to the eyes … At second glance, the glance inside, it gives pleasure to the soul. Actually, more than a glance is needed the second time around. Although one might simply glance at each poem or verse contained within the pages of Island Verse, and still come away with paintings for the mind, a longer stretch of assessment will offer a bonus to the reader.”
-Washington Island Observer

The book is available by mail for $9.95 plus Shipping/Handling Charges (Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax) from:

    Charles Olson
    845 Jackson Harbor Rd.
    Washington Island, WI 54246

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