11/22/2009 - The Island Keyboard has sold out

It was a Morse code keyboard kit with the following features:

[Island Keyboard board picture, click for larger version]

  • Use your Tick, K8 or PK-x keyer chip (plugs into socket on right side of board) to send Morse Code with an IBM PC keyboard
  • keyer functionality retained (paddle input, etc.)
  • 20 memories
  • 90 character type ahead buffer
  • beacon mode
  • character space length is programmable (3-9r dits long)
  • machine pin sockets included with kit
  • low power, as little as 1.5 mA standby, depending on keyboard used
  • size (2.5 by 1.5 inches)

  • Printed manuals available for an additional charge or
    download the manual, schematic and hookup diagram and print your own!

    12/15/2006: USB keyboard usage ?
    Per an email inquiry, I tried the Island Keyboard II with a USB keyboard (Kensington) using a USB to PS2 adapter. It seems to work fine with the Island Keyboard II, taking just a little longer at powerup than a regular PS2 or PC-AT keyboard. Note that the USB to PS2 adapters often are supplied with the USB keyboards or mice.

    8/16/2007 - However, I did try a Cherry G81-3000 USB keyboard and it did not work with the Island Keyboard.

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    with your question.

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