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04/30/2011 - SOLD OUT - Snapaddle iambic paddle kit

[Snap paddle picture - 
click for larger version]
The Snapaddle is a small (roughly 1.5 x 2 inches) dual lever paddle kit (for iambic keyers) made of 5 smaller sub boards which can be snapped apart - the sub boards bolt together (in a snap ?) with standard hardware. The Snapaddle can be adjusted for contact spacing and spring tension.

The kit includes the board and all hardware, just add a cable to your keyer and a wooden or metal base with a cable strain relief to complete the kit.

The Snapaddle works best with a light touch, it isn't appropriate for mobile use or for heavy slap keying.

The Snapaddle manual and diagram both in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

A customer has provided a really nice drawing of the Snapaddle in jpeg format (68k, right click on the link, then choose "Save Target As" to keep a copy on your computer) to assist those building the paddle, thanks very much to Jeerasak, E20TCM, in Thailand for providing the drawing. for any questions, please send an email to me, Chuck Olson, WB9KZY at:

with your question.

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