Perspectives of an Island Citizen

This is a collection of "Citizen's Perspectives" written for the Washington Island Observer newspaper published between January 1994 and December 2006.

138 pages, softcover, $10.95.

A comment on Perspectives of an Island Citizen:

Bill Olson is a citizen-rebel in the finest tradition of real American values, with the heart of a poet (his idol, Robert Burns), and the soul of a true Islander. All this is evident in these short essays written originally for the local paper: The Washington Island Observer. I can't think of a better introduction to the Island than this good man, his good words, and his way of living the good life with about 700 friends, five miles off the tip of the Door Peninsula.


The book is available at Door County bookstores and other selected locations.

The book is available by mail for $10.95 plus Shipping/Handling Charges (Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax) from:

    Charles Olson
    845 Jackson Harbor Rd.
    Washington Island, WI 54246

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