Norse Myths in Wood at Rock Island State Park, Wisconsin

Learn the secrets of the Rock Island Carvings

Who is this fellow with the sly grin? *

68 pages, hardcover, $19.95.

A new book explaining the carvings on the Rock Island boathouse furniture which Iceland woodcarver, Halld�r Einarsson, did for Chicago industrialist, Chester Thordarson, has been published by Jackson Harbor Press. This large hard cover book contains 35 photographs (most full size) with text explaining the Nordic myth illustrated by each carving, many of which have rhunic inscriptions which are translated. The authors, Dag and Sharon Rossman, are well known for their knowledge of Nordic mythology. Carving photographs are by William Olson. The book is available at Door County bookstores and other selected locations at $19.95 or by mail direct from the Publisher at $19.95 plus Shipping/Handling Charges (Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax). Send your order form to:

    Charles Olson
    845 Jackson Harbor Rd.
    Washington Island, WI 54246

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* He's Austri - one of the four dwarves who support the heavens above in Norse mythology. Does he grin with anticipation of the contents of his curved drinking horn?

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