August 4, 2023: VE3DNL Marker Generator

The VE3DNL Marker Generator is a simple kit which provides frequency markers at every 40, 20, 10 and 5 kHz. These markers can be used to verify dial calibration on low cost receivers and transceivers.

Glen, VE3DNL, first revealed this design in his qrp-l email of 7/20/95.

  • 5.12 MHz crystal
  • circuit uses a CD4060 oscillator / divider IC
  • trimmer capacitor adjusts the frequency of the crystal oscillator to 5.12 Mhz.
  • Size is 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
  • Can be powered from either 12V or a 9V battery
  • price is $8 plus shipping/handling

  • Print out an order form for:KITS

    Here is the circuit diagram and parts layout from the kit documentation ve3dnla.pdf (591k)

    and also a text file with some comments/ideas on the kit.

    ve3dnltop.JPG - download a picture of the VE3DNL marker generator

    ve3dnlem.htm (2k) - the 7/20/95 email from Glen to the qrp-l list on the marker generator

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