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November 18, 2015 - SOLD OUT - 10 minute timer kit

The timer chip alone is still available - please email if you are interested

[10 minute timer circuit board picture - click for larger view of board ]

  • 3 countdown timers, Morse code based
  • settable to a max. 99 minutes, 59 seconds
  • accurate timing via a 32 kHz watch crystal
  • low power design, 20 uA at 3 volts
  • Morse beacon capability built in
  • over 90 char message length
  • QRSS (slow speed) beacon capability built in
  • all parameters stored in eeprom
  • kit includes circuit board & components shown
  • add your enclosure, switches, piezo, jack and a battery holder
  • Size is 1.25 x 1.5 inches - fits into a candy tin with room to spare
  • ask to have your message and timer settings preprogrammed
  • Note that there are two versions of the circuit board and that there are different sets of documentation for each. The original board was sold through 10/26/2006.

    Printed manuals available for an additional charge or save money by downloading (Right click/save target as) and printing the latest board version 2 manual , latest board version 2 schematic , latest board version 2 hookup diagram and application note. Also here is the EEPROM data structure

    Download the original manual , original schematic , original hookup diagram .

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