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The Battery Saver kit
9/12/2012 sold out

[Battery Saver picture - click for larger view of board]

  • got a project that eats 9V batteries ?

  • (or any other battery from 3 to 14 volts)
  • simple hardware timer, pushbutton activated
  • shuts off the power after a 17 or 37 minute delay

  • (approximate - selectable with resistor change)
  • good intro to surface mount with two easy to solder

  • surface mount parts and four through hole parts
  • low standby power (less than 1 ua at 9 V)
  • small size ( .9 by .6 inches)

  • Printed manuals available for an additional charge or save money by downloading (Right click/save target as) and printing the manual , schematic and hookup diagram .

    Downloadable files for the Battery Saver

    The Acrobat files of complex diagrams (like the Battery Saver schematic) may not view well on your computer screen - suggestion: use the magnifier to zoom in for better detail or print out the file.

    battsavs.pdf (33k) - Battery Saver schematic

    battsavm.pdf (12k) - Battery Saver manual

    battsahu.pdf (14k) - Battery Saver Hookup diagram

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