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January 20, 2014 - SOLD OUT - Bug Descratcher II kit

A new version, the Bug Descratcher III kit is now available. 5/21/2014

NOTE: build is different than the original Bug Descratcher kit - be sure to use the correct docs

The Bug Descratcher II kit was the second version of a circuit from the September 1992 issue of QST by WX7G, Dave Cuthbert. The Bug Descratcher II removes the "scratchiness" encountered with semi-automatic keys (bugs) due to contact bounce. It can also be used with straight keys. It features:

[Bug Descratcher II circuit board picture - 
click for larger version]
  • a debounced output to eliminate scratchy sounding keying
  • optional solid state relay (SSR) output to key nearly any rig (solid state, tube positive or tube negative keying voltage)
  • available as a board only kit
  • board size: .7 x 1.5 inches
  • operates from 13.8 volt supply
  • same circuit as original Bug Descratcher kit but eliminates the "flying" lead and adds power/ground holes

  • Please email comments/questions to: Chuck Olson, WB9KZY at:

    Kit Documentation: download (Right click/save target as) and print the Bug Descratcher kit manual , schematic diagram and hookup diagram all in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.
    Also, a text file of diagnostic measurements.

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