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Piezo Loudenator

January 26, 2019 - initial release

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[Piezo Loundenator basic kit parts picture - 
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The Piezo Loudenator kit allows the builder to increase the volume level from a piezo sounder while retaining the low power consumption of the original circuit.

  • board size (1.2 by 1.025 inches)
  • kit is available in two option levels:
  • $3: Basic kit: circuit board, CMOS chip, two resistors, capacitor
    $6: Basic kit plus CPE-6080 large piezo and 14 pin machine DIP socket
  • Note that the builder may need to add an enclosure or other parts to complete the kit
  • printed documents are NOT included, please print/view your own from the pdf files provided

  • Download(right click - save target as) the manual , schematic and hookup to view or print your own.

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