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2/4/2003 - Memdoub-2 has sold out

Memdoub-2: a memory doubling kit for the CMOS Super III keyer

[Memdoub-2 picture]

  • easy to build
  • hardware expansion of the EEPROM memory used on the Super CMOS III keyer (from Idiom Press).
  • doubles the memory capacity by adding another EEPROM device in parallel with the existing EEPROM.
  • user selects which memory is active through the use of an SPDT switch (not provided).
  • connects to your Super CMOS III keyer with a ribbon cable.
  • Memdoub-2 is 1.5 by 1.1 in size.
  • Downloadable files for Memdoub-2

    manual (26k) of the Memdoub-2

    schematic (56k) of the Memdoub-2

    memdoub.htm (3k) - a text file with more information on Memdoub kits

    md22.gif (27k) - download a picure of the Memdoub-2

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