Discontinused (10/10/2011) - MegaPK

[MegaPK circuit board picture - click for larger version] The MegaPK is the 8 pin keyer chip version of the Island Keyer II. The MegaPK is a non-volatile memory keyer chip with smooth pot speed control along with a large number of other features. Here are a few highlights:

  • 5 to 50 WPM speed range
  • Ultimatic mode as well as iambic a or b modes
  • plugs into existing PK-x, Enbedded Research Tick or K1EL K8
  • size is roughly 5/8 inch by 7/8 inch - should fit in most 8 pin keyer sockets
  • pre-assembled, surface mounted, FLASH technology
  • intended for transceivers such as Norcal 20, Red Hot Radio or Norcal 38 Special
  • The manual

    Downloadable files for MegaPK

    megapk9.pdf (51k) - an Acrobat file of the MegaPK manual

    mpkhist.txt (1k) - a text file of the version history of the MegaPK firmware

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