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January 30, 2014 - QRPThief kit

The QRPThief kit is our version of the famous Joule Thief circuit.

[SMT Keyer circuit board picture - 
click for larger version]
  • here's a way to use those not quite dead AA alkaline cells in the battery drawer!
  • turn them into a handy little flashlight / nightlight

  • high brightness white LED
  • case is a 2 AA cell battery holder with switch
  • will run with AA cell voltages down below 0.7 volts
  • no circuit board - simple 5 component circuit
  • one toroid wound by builder
  • two holes to drill in the battery holder by builder
  • printed documents are NOT included, please print/view your own from the pdf files provided

  • The QRPThief kit is $4 + shipping/handling

    Kit Documentation: download (Right click/save target as) and print the QRPThief kit manual/schematic/build doc , in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format or text file.

    To purchase the QRPThief kit, print out a Kit order form to figure your order manually
    or try our: javascript order form to let your browser do the math!

    For larger quantity purchases, to combine with other items, for DX purchase price or for any other questions, please send an email to me, Chuck Olson, WB9KZY at:

    with your question

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