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NEW (09/15/2005) - RMK QNP keyer chip

The RMK QNP (Qrss No Pot speed control) is an upgrade for the Small Wonder Labs Rock-Mite stock keyer chip. If pot speed control is required (also no QRSS slow speed beaconing), consider the RMK keyer chip. The RMK QNP offers:

  • 4 wpm to over 40 wpm speed range
  • slow speed beaconing (QRSS) 1 second per dit to 50 seconds per dit
  • paddle speed control
  • two 60 character, non-volatile memories (settings saved without power)
  • iambic a or b modes
  • Bug mode
  • Autospace mode
  • Beacon mode
  • Reverse paddle mode
  • 5 dit-dah tune mode
  • powerup beacon mode, special order, email

    for details

  • chip price (no manual) price is $4.50 + shipping/handling
    Print out a Kit order form to figure your order manually

    Printed manuals available for an additional charge or save money by downloading and printing the manual and the schematic in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.
    Download a cheat sheet by Chuck, W5USJ - Thanks, Chuck !

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