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January 13, 2021: back in stock, thank you for waiting

September 18, 2020: due to component price increases, the kit is now $28

August 12, 2018: now includes a solder masked, silk screened circuit board

NEW (07/16/2015) - Grandson of Zerobeat

Need other parts to complete your kit ? Please see the: switch and parts page

[Grandson of Zerobeat circuit board picture - click for larger version] The Grandson of Zerobeat is an update of the original Son of Zerobeat kit

Grandson of Zerobeat has 9 LEDs which graphically indicate the frequency of a received CW audio tone. Adjust your transceiver's frequency until the two center green LEDs light up and you are within +/- 10 Hz of zero beat with the transmitting station.

  • uses an HP multi-color (red-red-yellow-yellow-green-green-yellow-yellow-red-red) LED array
  • one pot audio detector setting
  • board size: 2.1 by 1.7 inches
  • reverse the "direction" of the LED frequency indication with a switch press and release
  • set the offset frequency from 400 to 1200 Hz with a switch press and hold
  • default offset frequency is 600 Hz
  • OR just request by email before ordering to have your kit preset to your favorite CW center frequency
  • all board mounted parts including machine pin sockets come with kit
  • just add your metal enclosure, +12V power jack, audio jack and switch to complete the kit
  • printed documents are NOT included, please print/view your own from the pdf files provided
  • Kit price (No manual) is $28 + shipping/handling

  • K9LW provided this: video of his kit, Thanks Dick !

    Pat, W0BM, supplied this link to a 3D printed case design for the Grandson of Zerobeat, Thanks Pat !

    Scroll down for the manual, schematic and other acrobat files for this kit

    Note that on boards supplied with kits purchased before August 12, 2018 the plating appears corroded, however it should not affect soldering.
    Suggestion from a customer: use a brass brush to shine up the bottom traces before soldering.

    Print out a Kit order form to figure your order manually
    or try our: javascript order form to let your browser do the math!

    Inquire via email for pricing of the Grandson of Zerobeat PIC chip alone or PIC chip + LED array only for updating the original Son of Zerobeat.

    Downloadable files for Grandson of Zerobeat

    The Acrobat files of complex diagrams (like the schematic) may not view well on your computer screen - suggestion: use the magnifier to zoom in for better detail or print out the file.

    gzbmana.pdf (87k) - an Acrobat file of the Grandson of Zerobeat manual

    gzbmodop.pdf (45k) - an Acrobat file of the Grandson of Zerobeat optional modification ideas

    gzbsch2.pdf (99k) - an Acrobat file of the Grandson of Zerobeat schematic
    Note: Firefox can't "see" the schematic for some reason, try a right click & save link as to download the schematic and view it with Acrobat
    if that doesn't work, please email me and I can attach a copy of the schematic to the reply

    gzbdia.pdf (250k) - an Acrobat file of the Grandson of Zerobeat parts placement

    gzbhu.pdf (95k) - an Acrobat file of the Grandson of Zerobeat hookup picture

    rp_gzb.jpg (238k) - Thank you to K9LW, for sending a picture of his Grandson of Zerobeat in an LMB MDC-432 slant top enclosure
    Dick put a hole over the trim pot for easy adjustment of the level set.
    The MDC-432 is plain aluminum, 4 inches deep, 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall at the back, Digi-key has them, L122-ND

    DSC_0124.JPG (648k) - a picture of the Grandson of Zerobeat prototype in a clear top enclosure
    Note: the false colors of the detector LED and the center green LEDs is due to a time exposure

    gzerbfix.txt (2k) - a text file to help in fixing a Grandson of Zerobeat kit

    gzbmodem.pdf (139k) - an Acrobat file of an EMI fix for the Grandson of Zerobeat kit

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