The Island Memory kit has been discontinued.

The following ICs are still available:
Island Memory chip ($5.00) and 93LC66 eeprom ($1.00),
add $2.00 for s/h.

The Island Memory was an add-on memory keying unit that can be added to many of the popular morse code keyers used today. It connects to your compatible keyer via 5 wires: power, ground, keyer output, dit and dah paddles. It keys your keyer the way you do, it actuates the dit or dah input of the keyer and then "listens" for the keyer output. The Island Memory records messages as you send them with your keyer.

  • 4 memories of 60 characters each
  • manual pausing
  • embedded pauses
  • small size (1.5 x 1.5 inches)
  • real time recording (what you key is what you record)
  • low power (5 ua standby, 3 ma active current at 5V)
  • non-volatile EEPROM storage of messages
  • price was $17.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling

    Print out an order form for:KITS

    Morse Express may still have some Island Memory kits along with a hardware pack of the extra components you'll need to finish your Island Memory.

    Downloadable files for the Island Memory

    islemem.htm (3k) - a text file with more information on the Island Memory

    islemem3.pdf (27k)- an Acrobat file of the Island Memory manual

    islemem1.pdf (80k)- an Acrobat file of the schematic for the Island Memory

    imem.gif (24k) - download a picture of the Island Memory

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