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NEW (07/20/2019) - SMT Keyall Discrete - a high voltage keying interface kit using surface mount technology

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[SMT Keyall Discrete circuit board picture - click for larger version] The SMT Keyall Discrete kit allows the owner of a keyer with a low voltage positive (NPN or n-channel MOSFET) keying transistor to drive the vacuum tube transmitters and transceivers of yesteryear. This unit will key negative voltage rigs (grid block keying) or positive voltage rigs (cathode keyed tube transmitters and conventional +13.8V powered solid state rigs). The output transistors and capacitor are rated at 500V and 2A. The SMT Keyall Discrete will normally key a single transmitter. The use of the word: discrete refers to the fact that only LEDs, transistors, resistors and a capacitor are used in the kit, no ICs (Integrated Circuits) are used.

The SMT Keyall Discrete is a surface mount version of the Keyall Discrete kit

  • design is a MOSFET based solid state relay, SPST-NO single pole, single throw, normally open
  • high voltage output is optically isolated from the low voltage input
  • kit includes a circuit board and all board mounted components
  • just add your enclosure, in/out jacks and a battery/power supply connector
  • board size: about 2 by 2 inches (50 x 50 mm)
  • pricing: $14 plus postage/handling
  • printed documents are NOT included, please print/view your own from the pdf files provided

  • Download(right click - save target as) the manual , schematic , hookup and to view or print your own.

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