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Touch Switch II kit
12/01/2012 - sold out

[Touch Switch II circuit board picture - click for larger view of board ]

  • two touch switches, can be used as an iambic keyer paddle
  • capacitive circuit - no "dry finger" problems of conductivity circuits
  • based on a design by John Simonton of PAIA Electronics
  • requires a source of power up to 14 volts (9V battery is fine)
  • includes a battery saver circuit, which can be bypassed
  • kit includes circuit board & components shown
  • add your metal enclosure, jacks, power connector and touch pads
  • Size is 1.3 x 1.5 inches - fits into a candy tin with room to spare
  • Printed manuals available for an additional charge or save money by downloading (Right click/save target as) and printing the manual , schematic , parts Placement diagrams and hookup diagram

    Q & A

    Why another touch paddle (switch) ?
    This one offers better performance than the Touch Paddle kit at the price of more complexity, higher price and higher power usage. The Touch Switch II also uses a clocked circuit which may emit some noticeable signals when it is active.

    Does the Touch Switch II kit solve the age old "dry fingers during the winter" syndrome common to touch paddle circuits ?
    Yes, the Touch Switch II uses a capacitive circuit that will function with touch plates that are completely insulated. However, I have noticed that I need to touch the metal enclosure with my other hand when the Touch Switch II is operated in a non-grounded situation from batteries.

    How is the Touch Paddle kit powered ?
    From a power source up to 14 volts, a 9V battery will work fine. A battery saving circuit was added but it can be bypassed if the kit is powered from a station supply.

    Downloadable files for the Touch Switch II kit

    The Acrobat files of complex diagrams (like the schematic) may not view well on your computer screen - suggestion: use the magnifier to zoom in for better detail or print out the file.

    Touchs2s.pdf (k) - an Acrobat file of the Touch Switch II schematic

    Touchs2.pdf (k) - an Acrobat file of the Touch Switch II manual

    Touchsw2.pdf (k) - an Acrobat file of the Touch Switch II parts placement diagram

    Touchshu.pdf (k) - an Acrobat file of the Touch Switch II hookup diagram

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