2/11/2000 - The Island Keyer kit has sold out - the Island Keyer version 151 chip upgrade is still available.

Check out keyer151.pdf or keyer151.txt for the changes. Present Island Keyer owners in the USA can upgrade to the latest version for $7.00 postpaid. DX customers can upgrade for $9.00 postpaid

The Island Keyer is a Morse code memory keyer which offers:

[Island Keyer picture]

  • mode B Iambic keying
  • 4 push-button selected memories (120 characters each - nonvolatile EEPROM)
  • variable sidetone (400 Hz to 1200 Hz)
  • speed readout switch sends code speed via the sidetone
  • code speed set via pot, 7 to 48 WPM
  • low standby power consumption (about 3 ua at 3 V, without regulator)
  • small size (1.5 by 2 inches)
  • Print out an order form for:KITS

    Whiterook Products sells an assembled keyer/paddle combination which uses the Island Keyer chip in a non-memory configuration - the MK-88 and MK-99. See a review of the MK-88 in the August issue of 73 Magazine.

    MorseXpress also sells the Island Keyer kit along with a hardware pack of the extra components you'll need to finish your Island Keyer.

    Downloadable files for the Island Keyer

    keyer151.pdf (9k) - an Acrobat file of the changes in version 151 of the Island Keyer

    keyer151.txt (4k) - a text file of the changes in version 151 of the Island Keyer

    keyerman.pdf (35k) - an Acrobat file of the Island Keyer manual

    islekeyr.htm (4k) - a text file with more information on the Island Keyer

    keyer6p2.pdf (96k) - an Acrobat file of the schematic for the Island Keyer (legal size)

    timer.pdf (10k) - an Acrobat file with a 555 based beacon timer schematic for the Island Keyer

    memload2.zip (5k) - Qbasic software for a PC to keyer interface providing automated message loading

    memload.zip (40k) - compiled version of memload.bas from a user, Pat, KD4OBQ

    pmk.htm (2k) - an email from Pat explaining his changes to memload.bas for the KC-2 keyer

    memload.pdf (12k) - an Acrobat file with a PC to keyer interface schematic for Memload2.bas

    ik.gif (26k) - download a picture of the Island Keyer

    Download pictures of Island Keyers from customers:

    Since the Island Keyer is a board only kit, this gives the customer the opportunity to creatively packagage their keyer - here are some nicely constructed examples of the Island Keyer:

    Bill Sepulveda, K5LN, sent 4 pictures of his Island Keyer keyertop.jpg (14k), keytopa.jpg (20k), keyerfnt.jpg (13k), keyerend.jpg (12k) - Bill used an enclosure (with a 9V battery compartment) and parts from Radio Shack to complete his keyer. He used Powerpoint software to generate the labeling.

    Dave Gwillim, KB2TQX, sent this nice big picture of his finished Island Keyer islandk.jpg (49k). Dave also used a Radio Shack box(3.5" x 2.25" x 1") to house his Island Keyer.

    Matti Niskanen, OH2CF, in Finland emailed these nice pictures of his finished Island Keyer backview (23k), front view (21k), inside view (37k). Matt used a case made of Aluminum sheet covered with plastic that has a pebbled finish.

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