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Norcal keyer chips - 2/3/2006

12/23/2013: see the new SMT Keyer kit, Norcal version

The Norcal keyer chips were used in the very popular keyer kits from Norcal . The Norcal keyer chips are fully pin compatible with the PK-4 keyer. The Norcal keyer chips are also pin compatible with the PK-3, PK-2 and PK-Basic (Tick and K8 chips, too) with the addition of a 10k ohm pullup resistor between pin 1 and 4 of the keyer chip socket. The Norcal keyer chip shares the same pot speed control of the previous PK series.

Also note that there are two versions of the chip, the regular version and the Pacificon version which adds a sidetone frequency set but which has a higher minimum speed. If no preference is indicated at the time of purchase, the regular version will be sent.

Customize your Norcal keyer chip: please indicate at the time of purchase that you'd like your keyer chip customized with pre-programmed memories or different default settings and we'll set that up at no extra charge! For example, you may want iambic mode A as the default OR have the pot speed control as the default, it's up to you !

Here are a few of the Norcal Keyer chip features:

[Norcal Keyer chip picture]

  • pot or paddle speed control
  • three 40 character memories
  • memories & settings retained without power (EEPROM)
  • Iambic A or B keying modes
  • beacon mode
  • variable sidetone frequency (Pacificon version)
  • low standby power
  • Norcal keyer chip (no doc) price is $4.50 + shipping/handling

  • (multiple purchases of the chip (no doc), will be sent in a single anti-static bag)

    View the manual , for more information on the regular chip. For the Pacificon version of the Norcal Keyer chip, see the end of the NC2030 manual for more information (dialup users: the NC2030 manual is BIG, several megabytes).

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