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5/9/2011 - The PK-3 has sold out consider the PK-4 kit and chip. They are still available with extra features at a lower price than the PK-3.

The PK-3 is a Morse code iambic keyer which offers:

[PK-3 board picture]

  • pot or paddle speed control, 5 to 39 WPM
  • one 57, one 52 character memories and a callsign memory
  • OR optionally one 57, two 26 and one 10 character memories
  • pin compatible with Tick or K8 keyer chips
  • ALSO, fully pin compatible with the PK-2 keyer
  • mode A or B Iambic keying
  • beacon mode, variable delay, up to 60 seconds
  • one touch CQ using callsign memory
  • embedded and manual pause of memory play
  • machine pin socket for keyer chip included with kit
  • speed readout - sends code speed via the sidetone
  • optional autospace, paddle reverse and many other features
  • low standby power (about 7 ua at 5 V, with regulator)
  • low active power (1.5 ma max. at 5 V, with regulator)
  • small size (1 by 1.5 inches)

  • View the manual for more information on the kit.

    Questions ? Please email:

    Downloadable files for the PK-3

    The Acrobat files of complex diagrams (like the PK-3 schematic) may not view well on your computer screen - suggestion: use the magnifier to zoom in for better detail or print out the file.

    pk3fep.txt (k) - Having trouble with your PK-3? This text file has solutions for frequently encountered problems.

    pk2nc20.txt (5k) - a text file of comments on using the PK with the Norcal 20 or Red Hot Radio

    pk3b.pdf (51k) - PK-3 schematic with updated (6/11/2004) circuit board

    pk3a.pdf (66k) - PK-3 schematic with old (before June 2004) circuit board

    pk3f.pdf (41k) - an Acrobat file of the PK-3 manual

    apntpk2a.pdf (52k) - an Acrobat file of the PK application note

    stalkin.pdf (16k) - Stalking the Wild Multipress! - an Acrobat file of a hardware method to solve the problem of pressing 2 or 3 switches at the same time.

    modeab.pdf (8k) - an Acrobat file explaning the differences between Iambic mode A and B

    pk3hist.txt (1k) - a text file of the version history of the PK-3

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