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July 1, 2023 - Keyer Enclosure kit

The Keyer Enclosure kit includes the items needed to get an 8 pin keyer kit going. Use it with any of the following keyers:

PK-4 keyer kit

Norcal and Pacificon keyer chips used in the PK-Basic kit

PK-Basic keyer kit.

MegaPK-II keyer kit,

MegaPK-game keyer kit

SMT Keyer kit

It features:

[Keyer Enclosure kit picture - 
click for larger version]
  • C&K 8121 momentary switch with cap
  • silk screened pcb board top
  • box size: 4 x 2.875 x 1.56 inches
  • note that Davies Molding 220 enclosure box is New Old Stock and may require cleaning and/or filing (sanding) before use
  • 22 mm Murata piezo sounder
  • 3.5 mm mono output jack
  • 3.5 mm stereo paddle jack
  • 100 k ohm linear speed pot with knob
  • 9 volt battery snap with cable tie holder
  • hardware
  • add your keyer kit, wire and solder to complete the kit
  • printed documents are NOT included, please print/view your own from the pdf files provided

  • The Keyer Enclosure kit is $22 + shipping/handling

    Kit Documentation: download (Right click/save target as) and print the Keyer Enclosure kit manual

    To purchase the Keyer Enclosure kit, print out a Kit order form to figure your order manually
    or try our: javascript order form to let your browser do the math!

    Questions ? - please send an email to me, Chuck Olson,

    with your question

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